A trip to the zoo this summer will be extra fun if your kids help name one of the wolf pups.

Yesterday I told you about the fortune telling wallaby at the Brookfield Zoo, today we're moving on to the wolf pups.

Three Mexican Grey wolf pups to be exact. They were born at the zoo earlier this year and still need names. Here's the fun part, your kids (and you) can help name the wolf pups!

Voting is going on right now on the Chicago Zoological Society's Brookfield Zoo website.

The pups' parents are named Zana and Flint, and you can help name two boy puppies and one girl puppy.

Your choice are:

Boy Puppy #1469

  • Pablo
  • Rio
  • Mogollon
  • Graham

Boy Puppy #1470

  • Coronado
  • Emory
  • Reed
  • Azul

Female Puppy #1468

  • Greenlee
  • Ela
  • Bailey
  • Escudilla