More surprises from Illinois' Brookfield Zoo for their 90th anniversary. Not only has this animal adorable animal never been at the zoo before, there will be two of them.

Brookfield Zoo 2024 Season

The Brookfield Zoo, also known as the Chicago Zoological Park, is kicking off its 90th season with some major announcements.

Just a week ago we learned of the zoo's BIGGEST attractions for the 2024 season

Brookfield Zoo Anniversary Ferris Wheel

Starting March 15, for this year only and in honor of the Zoo’s 90th anniversary, you can ride the zoo's Anniversary Ferris Wheel.

Grahm S. Jones, Brookfield Zoo Facebook
Grahm S. Jones, Brookfield Zoo Facebook

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We also learned of two new animal attractions for this season, including the return of the park's beloved dolphins.

Brookfield Zoo Facebook
Brookfield Zoo Facebook

Click below for more details.

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It's been a minute since I've been to Brookfield Zoo, the last visit my daughter who is 18 years old now, spent half of that incredibly hot and humid day in a stroller.

Brookfield Zoo will now have to be on our list of places to go this year (before the middle of August lol).

For the very first time, two of the cutest animals you'll ever get to see in person are coming to the zoo. I sure hope Brookfield Zoo has a good eucalyptus hook-up because that's all these little dudes eat.

Their arrival date has not yet been set, but look what's coming to Brookfield this summer!

Koalas Are Coming to Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo via Facebook
Brookfield Zoo via Facebook

The 90th anniversary celebration just got bigger. Two male koalas, Brumby and Willum are moving in. This marks the first time the zoo has ever had koalas.

According to the zoo's Facebook page, the marsupials will be arriving this summer and the Hamill Family Play Zoo will be their home. Their habitat, included free with Zoo admission, will feature both indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing us to observe these "charismatic" marsupials.

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To purchase zoo tickets, click HERE.

Be sure to visit Brookfield Zoo on Facebook for the latest updates.

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