What have you accomplished during quarantine life? This guy spent three months gluing hundreds of White Claw cans together to make a pretty seaworthy boat.

Life's big question is, what will you have to look back on with pride, when we finally finish the year 2020? Since March, this year has pretty much sucked on most levels. But in the midst of it all, did your life contain something fun or entertaining or even beautiful?

My wife and I planned a Florida wedding, cancelled a Florida wedding, planned a Rockford church wedding, cancelled a Rockford church wedding, planned a backyard wedding, postponed a backyard wedding one day due to thunderstorms, and finally got married in our backyard the next day.

Taylor Hancock, who makes videos on YouTube, made a boat during the pandemic. His life was reduced to drinking tons of White Claws at home. First he made a woman out of White Claw cans, her name was Clawdia. That relationship fell apart pretty quickly. As he will explain in this video below, a new and bigger creation was to come. After drinking even more White Claws, Taylor starting building a boat. After going through more than 400 hot glue sticks to assemble the S.S. Clawdia, it was time to hit the water. Captain Taylor even dressed his dogs up like little pirates for the maiden voyage.

The boat did not have a happy ending, but the memories will last forever.

This pandemic is long from being over, so get off the couch and do something ridiculous.

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