Yeah... ONE DOLLAR.  That's insane!  The city of Chicago is making 4,000 vacant lots available for the selling price of $1. The city currently owns them at various locations on the South, Southwest and West sides. According to ABC 7 -

The lots are available through the eighth round of Chicago's Large Lots program, which Mayor Rahm Emanuel created in 2015. Since its launch, nearly 2,000 lots have been sold through the program. The mayor's office said most of the lots purchased so far have been used to create new social spaces and to grow flowers and vegetables.

People are encouraged to buy these lots and transform them into something that will not only benefit the city but make great use of land that is going to waste at the moment.  For only $1 there is really no excuse.  It's a great way for the city of Chicago to boost momentum for improving the already amazing city. explains

The Large Lot Program is a City of Chicago neighborhood stabilization initiative to help property owners, block clubs and non-profit groups in select Chicago neighborhoods to purchase City-owned land for $1 per parcel.

The next 'Large Lots' round will open in early December 2018.

For more info visit the initiative's website.

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