If you're looking for a new job, but also looking to stay alive, you might want to skip these professions.

Mondays can be a day when you want to evaluate your life, maybe you need to start a diet, maybe get your hair cut, maybe get a new job?

If a new job is on your to-do list for today, be aware that these jobs can be hazardous to your health, well, I guess hazardous to your life!

According to Bloomberg Business, there are the top 10 deadliest jobs in America.

  1. Fishers, 131.5 fatalities per 100,000 workers
  2. Loggers, 97.05
  3. Aircraft pilots, 69.53
  4. Extraction workers (miners, oil drillers, etc.), 56.79
  5. Iron and steelworkers, 42.61
  6. Roofers, 36.26
  7. Garbage collectors, 33.16
  8. Farmers and ranchers, 24.04
  9. Truck drivers, 24,03
  10. Power-line installers, 22.85

The website also lists the average income for these job holders, only Aircraft pilots are really raking in enough money to compare to their death risk, at least in my opinion.

I'll stick to radio, we don't even make the list.

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