Yikes, did your job make this list?

I type this list as I just put a "stress relieving lemon candy" in my mouth because it's been a long week.

There are days I think my job is pretty stressful, when the computer breaks or I accidentally hit the wrong button, but I try to remind myself that in my line of work at the end of the day no one died and you listened to some good music.

In spite of that, my job lands at number 8 on the list of most stressful jobs according to CBS News. Did your job make the list?

  • 10. Taxi Driver
  • 9. Newspaper Reporter
  • 8. Broadcaster
  • 7. Senior Corporate Executive
  • 6. Public Relations Executive
  • 5. Event Coordinator
  • 4. Police Officer
  • 3. Airline Pilot
  • 2. Firefighter
  • 1. Enlisted Military Personnel

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