If you're anything like me, you deliberately take several trips to the bathroom throughout the day to escape the daily grind. The phone calls, non-stop emails, incessant chatter with your cube mate and then there's that one guy who can't stop clipping his nails at his desk...gross. You leave it all behind for at least 3 minutes so you can sit in peace (most days) and think about how your life would be so much better if you only had enough money to do all the things you wanted do. You'll probably do it today as you fantasize about winning the Powerball jackpot tomorrow; but what if you actually got paid for your bathroom breaks?

Thanks to this trusty little calculator, you can now find out how much you get paid to poo and pee at work. (note: the photo below is just a layout of the calculator, not the actual calculator.)

Paid to Poo and Pee
Photo via Plumbworld.co.uk

You know you're curious. You just have to enter your annual salary, the amount of times you go a day and for how long. I gave it a try and based on my entries, I'd make an extra $16,031.25 throughout my career. Not bad.

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