The nights are getting colder. The fireplace is lonely. Your blanket misses you. There's a couch, a bottle of wine and a significant other calling your name.

In my opinion, every relationship needs a little work on their snuggle game. Here's a great test to see just how much game you and bae have. My challenge is this:

10 Movies to Raise Your Snuggle Game on a Cold Fall Night

Cancel everything Saturday night. Light a fire, grab a big blanket or both and just relax watching any one of these 10 movies. If you think there's just no way you can squeeze it in, think again. Every ounce of you will appreciate the time and closeness.


Who doesn't love the pottery scene. If it doesn't turn you on, you're dead inside.

Top Gun

Enough adrenaline for him, enough hot pilots for you. And, it's quite possible that there's is no better love story than Maverick and Goose.

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze + Skinny Jeans = Something going on under that blanket.

Sleepless In Seattle

Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and the cutest little boy ever. So sweet. #MFEO

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Because a dog peeing on a pool table is just funny.

The Notebook

Because everyone wants to be like Noah and Allie.

Notting Hill

Ordinary guy wins the heart of a beautiful Hollywood actress.

Love Actually

Several love stories in one movie centered around Christmas. Just trust me.

50 First Dates

Watching this movie will make you a better couple because Drew and Adam are the best fake couple ever.

Pretty Woman

It's so realistic that Richard Gere would need to hire a prostitute. But realism isn't what makes this movie so damn good. It's the twist on the fairytale that still ends with a white horse.

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