Before I get into this, please let me state that I fully realize the things I am about to say will show how old I am and give off a hint of the "Karen" mentality, but I can't help it.

When I hear these words and phrases I get annoyed, especially when someone "old" like me says them.  It just sounds like they are trying too hard to be "young".

Why do I hate these words and phrases so much? Probably because they make no dang sense and just sound stupid. Let's get to it now...

Millennial Phrases That Need to Be Banned Immediately

The other day one of my besties sent me a message with a link to a Buzzfeed article about Millennial phrases that need to be retired. This article highlights phrases like; "Funsies", "Adulting", and "Basic", which are all overdone, but I do believe there are more that need to be retired too.


Along with the link my bestie sent, she included a message that said;

I strongly agree with banning all of these. Please broadcast the ban on your radio station to alert the others thank you.

So, consider this your wish granted, Beth.

10 Millennial Phrases That Need To Be Banned in Illinois Immediately

Do you agree that these ridiculous words and phrases should be banned from society? I know it's a stretch to say they should legally be banned by the State of Illinois, but I would really appreciate it if no one around me said them ever again.

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