Why do we do these things to our poor strands?

Because we want to try to control them, duh.

Man oh man do I do a lot of dumb things to my hair. I never get it cut, I blow dry it every time I wash it, then I straighten it and then I curl it a few times a week.

I have curly hair... why don't I just let it curl itself?

Mostly because I'm afraid of the lion 'fro I had in my seventh grade basketball team picture. My mom wasn't home that morning and I attempted to do my own hair and it was a major 'fro. I don't think I will ever recover.

But, maybe, since I found this list I will learn. It's never too late to take care of your hair, right?

According to Cosmo, these are the 10 Worst Things You Do To Your Hair.

  1. Using Old Styling Tools - Cosmo says to clean your combs and brushes once a month with water and baking soda. I have never done this...
  2. Using a Rough Elastic - Wait a second... we're supposed to use scrunchies again? I will have to time travel back to fourth grade for one of those, or search the radio studio for bobby pins.
  3. Infusing Hair With Too Many Chemicals - I actually don't do this one, so that's a plus! Just be careful with how often you color your hair or use other chemical treatments.
  4. Setting the Heat Too High - Guilty. I always use the hottest, because I assume that means it'll be the fastest way to complete the treacherous task of doing my hair.
  5. Skipping Heat Protectant - I try and remember this! But it should be an always, not a sometimes.
  6. Going Too Long Between Haircuts - Cosmo says try cutting 1/2 inch off every month. Every month seems pretty excessive and expensive, but maybe more than once a year is a good idea.
  7. Brushing from the Roots Down - How were we supposed to know we're supposed to brush up?
  8. Handling Wet Hair Roughly - I think I'm ok on this one too. I usually wait a while before attempting to do anything with my wet hair, you should too.
  9. Slathering On Too Many Products - Looks like Cosmo says three is the magic hair product number, then it becomes build-up.
  10. Keeping the Same Shampoo for Changing Hair - You should change your shampoo with your hormones or your hair coloring. Or because you just feel like it.