Within the next couple weeks we will return to sunshine and 70 degree weather with a lot less rain. Are you ready?

10 Things to Do Before Rockford's Warm Weather Returns

This list was inspired by all the rain that is driving me completely nuts.

  1. Go shopping and buy new swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts. Even though you still have a ton from last year and you really don't need any new ones. Can you really ever have too many clothes?
  2. Clean out your car and wash it. If you have a jeep or a convertible the top with me coming up soon. Maybe even get some new rims on it. I mean why not? My girlfriend just didn't hers look pretty badass.
  3. Work out! Pretty soon you're not gonna be able to hide those extra pounds in your yoga pants anymore.
  4. Mow the lawn. Nice way to get a start on that Summer tan.
  5. Open up your pool. It's about that time. And then give me a call.
  6. Break out your patio furniture and give it a cleaning
  7. Air up the kids bike tires, and their basketballs.
  8. Burn that brush pile and have a bonfire.
  9. Stay up later. Pretty soon it will be light out until 9 PM.
  10. Get that grill cleaned and re-season that grill surface. Bacon grease works best.


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