(UPDATE 4/6/18) News has arrived that the Clocktower Resort will finally be demolished. Do you have a great idea for what should replace it?

A group of investors just purchased the Clocktower resort and their plan is to rebuild it into a destination we'd all love. Take a moment to share your idea.

Brent Johnson, CEO of Ringland-Johnson Construction, is one of the investors who paid $3.6 million for the condemned Clocktower resort. Brent joined the Steve Shannon Show on Friday morning (5/5/17) to confirm that the plan is to tear down the existing Clocktower building and construct a world-class entertainment facility worthy of that beautiful space.

As you heard Brent Johnson say, they REALLY want your opinion on what they should do with the space. I can't remember the last time we were given an opportunity like this. They want to know what WE want. Our opinion will have great influence on the final plans.

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