Winter in Illinois is a pretty rough time of year. The cold temperatures, the snow and ice, and the constant danger of slick roads.


If you think winter is the worst thing to happen in Illinois, think again.  Midwesterners can handle a little bit of weather change - it's good for the soul!

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If I had to pick, I'd take 4-6 inches of snow over shoveling a snow fort just to dig myself a path to my car any day.  Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen...


Enjoy my list of inconveniences that happen during winter that'll make you wish Spring was here sooner than later.

These 13 Things Make Winter Suck Even More In Illinois

  1. Being stuck in a snowstorm with no socks.
  2. Having your car's heater break down in negative below weather.
  3. Falling on the ice and realizing you left your phone in your pocket.
  4. Your heater breaks in your house and can't be fixed for days.
  5. You lost your ice scraper & have to use a credit card to scrape off your windows.
  6. Watching your life flash before your eyes as you slip on a patch of black ice.
  7. Getting your tongue stuck to a frozen metal pole.
  8. Your shovel breaks in the middle of shoveling your driveway.
  9. The zipper on your jacket breaks, so you can't bundle up.
  10. Getting snow in your gloves and your fingers go numb.
  11. Falling through ice while ice skating for the first time.
  12. Getting stuck in a ski lift malfunction and being suspended in the air for hours.
  13. Having a flat tire in the middle of a blizzard.

We have full access to experience the joy of building a snowman, the thrill of sledding down a hill, and warming up a hot cocoa after a long day of playing outside.  Many people have never even touched snow!


So, let's all just suck it up and deal with the snow and cold. After all, it could be worse. We could be living in Florida and dealing with hurricanes.

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