Close your eyes and imagine your perfect Fall morning. We all probably have a different idea of what this might be. I bet you'll want to include one of these drinks.

14 Absolutely Perfect Coffee Drinks for Fall

For me, it's waking up, stepping out on my front porch and breathing in that cool crisp air, back inside to turn on some music, sitting down in front of the warm, crackling fireplace, and having that first cup of coffee. I much prefer drinking my own coffee in my own mug in my own comfy home. While some of you may like your Starbucks lattes, sometimes it's nice to just relax at home in the morning, especially if its a weekend, and not have to rush out the door. If you are a coffee lover like me, then you're in luck.

I have searched the web and made a list of several delicious recipes to spice up your coffee. While they might not be your Starbucks, I think that you will find them just as tasty, and a little cheaper.

Beware: Some of them contain alcohol and are not for the weak, but will definitely improve your morning.

Gingerbread Coffee. Another use for the molasses that's been sitting in your pantry for the last year.

Fireball Cinnamon Latte. This one has Fireball whiskey and Bailey's Irish Creme.

Caramel Butterscotch Latte. Outstanding flavor.

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Cuz it's Pumpkin.. duh.

Maple Latte. Like liquid pancakes.

Cinnamon Coconut Latte. They call this one the 'gut healing' coffee.

Egg Nog Latte. Yes, you should try this now, don't wait until Christmas.

Spiced caramel apple Latte. You make the latte, I'll be over here eating an actual carmel apple.

White Chocolate Latte. Rich, creamy and sweet... don't forget the whip.

Baileys Irish Coffee. This couldn't be any easier to make. I can never have this coffee if my 'to do' list involves leaving the couch.

Rumchata Coffee. Rumchata is life!

Hazelnut Machiatto. Drink immediately and enjoy. It's a 'skinny' version swell.

14 Absolutely Perfect Coffee Drinks for Fall

Peppermint Mocha. You should probably have some Christmas music on when you drink this one.

Nutella Coffee. Good drink but I'd rather just spoon the Nutella right into my mouth.

Autumn Delight Coffee. This drink smells way better than it tastes, but that's just me.

So click on the one that sounds delicious to you, or a few of them. And get started.

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