I love my coffee in the morning. It's a great way to start the day. But there are good reasons to curb it or even quit. God forbid right? Bear with me for a moment.

Stylish man enjoying the free internet at cafe

It's hard think that there really are some great reasons for us all to curb our coffee consumption or maybe even give it up all together.

Coffee tastes horrible

Have you every tasted black coffee? It's just nasty. So what do we do to it in order to stomach it? We add tons of sugar and other flavor enhancers. Kick up the artificial chemicals (poisons) and make it a large please.

Coffee addiction is becoming a problem

I've seen many people struggle with trying to kick their fancy coffee addiction like a 2-pack-day smoker trying to quit. That's scary. Somehow coffee addiction has become socially acceptable.

Coffee breath is the worst

The smell from a coffee drinker's mouth is not pleasant. Gum or a mint please

K-Cups will destroy the world

Coffee consumption creates a lot of environmentally unfriendly items; plastic stirrers, cup lids, sweetener packets but soon, nothing will hold a candle to the amount of Keurig Cups taking up space in landfills.

Coffee is making the world unbearably pretentious

So what if I say "small" instead of "tall", or "medium" instead of "grande" when I order a drink for my daughter. You act like I've offended your sensibilities. Did you not pour me the right size any way? Thats what I thought. Stop being so snotty.

Coffee gives you an excuse to be a jerk sometimes

You snapped at everybody in the office this morning and then try to excuse it by saying, "I didn't get to have coffee this morning." You can't blame this on your lack of coffee. Sure you didn't get that jolt you like, but it's not an excuse for being an asshole.

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