You can taste some of Rockford's most incredible food and drinks for less than $10.

Who says you have to be made out of money to have a fantastic meal?

Here are 15 awesome foods you can have right here in Rockford for less than $10.


  • Danielle K. via Yelp
    Danielle K. via Yelp

    Oasis Micro Pub

    901 East State Street

    Sip on specialty draft imports for less than $5 a glass.

  • Hyemi L. via Yelp
    Hyemi L. via Yelp

    Have Swedish Pancakes at Johnny Pamcakes

    3700 E State Street

    Nothing is better than a fresh stack of Swedish pancakes topped with lingonberries. Get a stack of four with lingonberries for $6.49.

  • Collie Dog via 15th and Chris
    Collie Dog via 15th and Chris

    Eat a Collie Dog at 15th & Chris

    201 15th Avenue

    Collie Dog is a Deep Fried Polish wrapped in bacon topped with pulled pork & coleslaw. If that doesn't scream awesome, you can give me your $6.49.

  • Shin K. via Yelp
    Shin K. via Yelp

    Enjoy a Rockford Omelet at Lydia's Cafe

    1710 Rural Street, Ste 1

    At $7.25, the Rockford Omelet is served with hash browns and toast and is stuffed full of sausage, bacon, tomato, onion, mushrooms and cheddar cheese.

  • Regina G. via Yelp
    Regina G. via Yelp

    Feed Your Sweet Tooth at Dandy Donuts

    6551 E Riverside Blvd, Ste 109

    Get a dozen of freshly made cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar donuts for just $4.

  • M K. via Yelp
    M K. via Yelp

    Bite into a Monster Gyro at Uncle Nick's.

    918 E State Street

    $4.57 for Rockford's iconic Uncle Nick's gyro. Yum.

  • Candice G via Yelp
    Candice G via Yelp

    Drink a Zombie at Meg's

    1141 N. Alpine Road

    Who says Zombies have to be scary? You can sip on a large Iced White Zombie for only $4.57.

  • Daniel C. via Yelp
    Daniel C. via Yelp

    Get Cheese Fries in a Cup at Beef-A-Roo

    3401 S Alpine Road

    Cheese fries in a cup? Yes please! For $2.79 it is worth getting a large.

  • Alma R. via Yelp
    Alma R. via Yelp

    Swoon at the Taste of a Churro Cupcake from SugarJones

    1710 Rural Street

    For $2.50 a Churro Cupcake: vanilla cupcake swirled with cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with caramel and vanilla buttercream, is a perfect piece of heaven.

  • Frank S. via Yelp
    Frank S. via Yelp

    Go Garlic at Mamma Mia's

    1139 N. Alpine

    Your mouth has never had garlic-y goodness like the Garlic Knots at Mamma Mia's. You can get 16 of them for just $7.49.

  • Philippe F via Yelp
    Philippe F via Yelp

    Duck Bacon Burger at GreenFire is Out of This World

    6795 E Riverside Blvd

    For $10 you can get the Beef & Duck Bacon Burger Brioche. It has all natural grass fed beef, yellow cheddar and duck bacon. Yes, duck bacon.

  • Chris R. via Yelp
    Chris R. via Yelp

    Indulge in Zammuto's Super Sized Granita

    725 Kent Street

    A super sized Granita rings in at $8.35 and try not to get a brain freeze while you eat it all. You can choose from flavors like lime, watermelon, cherry, orange and more.

  • Christopher G. via Yelp
    Christopher G. via Yelp

    A Twist on a Childhood Favorite at Lucha Cantina

    1641 North Alpine Road Ste 212

    For $7 you can try their PBJ Poppers! They are jalapenos, stuffed with strawberry jelly and peanut butter wrapped with bacon.

  • Jeanne L via Yelp
    Jeanne L via Yelp

    Crab Cakes at Five Forks Market

    6565 Lexus Drive

    Nothing beats a perfectly made Crab Cake, and for $10, Five Forks Market has them. You get two signature crab cakes, edamame Brussels sprouts salad and dynamite sauce included in the small plates dish.

  • Erica A. via Yelp
    Erica A. via Yelp

    Alchemy's Amazing Deviled Eggs

    610 N Bell School Rd

    Alchemy's Deviled Eggs are out of this world! For $8 you can enjoy their perfectly made Deviled Eggs with black Truffle, Bacon, Fresh Dill and Lemon.

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