Mention any of these places or experiences to someone who grew up in Rockford and you'll immediately know where they are from.

1. You went back-to-school clothes shopping at Machesney Park Mall.
2. You know where Rockford ends and Loves Park begins.
3. You've seen goth kids standing on a concrete slab while waiting in line for carnival rides during On The Waterfront.
4. You know what an E-Rab is.
5. You sat in a car for an hour trying to leave downtown after watching Fourth of July fireworks.
6. You know what it's like to try to get paint off your hands after you decorated the dam at Aldeen Park.
7. You started your morning listening to some guy named "Steve" on the radio.
8. You went to prom with your dress smelling like food from JMK Nippon.
9. You remember your parents' car windshield lined with Rockford city stickers.
10. You know why it is called "Screw City."
11. You cheered the Cubbies at Marinelli Field.
12. You know who the band Something Corporate is because they mentioned your hometown in a song.
13. You've argued with someone where the "west side" of town starts and ends.
14. Your senior photos were taken on the bridge at Anderson Japanese Gardens.
15. You insist on always calling the downtown arena "the MetroCentre."
16. You prefer Mrs. Fisher's Potato Chips.
17. You have a favorite Beef-A-Roo location.
18. You needed just the right swimsuit to go to Magic Waters because your crush was a lifeguard there.
19. You know the difference between a pancake and a Swedish pancake.
20. You watch Chicago Blackhawks games and point out your favorite Icehogs players.
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

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