Packing is the worst. Whether you're packing to move or just to go on vacation, it's not fun. But you know what is fun? Procrastinating packing.

I need to pack up my apartment. Like, I should've done this in May. I have 18 days to go and most of them are filled with work and fun things I purposely scheduled so I didn't have to think about moving.

Not a smart move, Michelle.

So last night I decided to go for it, and just start packing. Sure, I half-packed four boxes and moved a million things to the living room, but I also did a bunch of things from this list, because no one ever wants to pack.

23 Things You Do When You're Supposed to Be Packing

  1. Laundry, which isn't so terrible. You probably need to do laundry before you pack anyway.
  2. Paint your nails. Yeah they looked better last week when they were hot pink. Paint them... then wait an hour to start packing because smudges are not an option.
  3. Perfect your packing playlist. There are specific songs you need to hear while packing, obviously you need to spend 30 minutes crafting the perfect combo.
  4. Play on Bumble. Even though you're moving, you're not moving tomorrow.
  5. Dust. You moved one item and suddenly it's a dust infestation. You should probably dust before you move anything else.
  6. Go grocery shopping. How are you supposed to pack when you're starving?
  7. Curl your hair. Things are better when you look good.
  8. Play on Bumble. Because you just curled your hair, duh.
  9. Text you're friend about how you're supposed to be packing. She will either tell you to shut off your phone and pack, agree that packing sucks, or she has a story to tell you that will take at least ten minutes to discuss.
  10. Make brownies. You should make brownies one more time and then pack the pans.
  11. Count your plastic container lids. This is absolutely productive. But only if you then also count the containers and get rid of the mismatched ones.
  12. Eat an enormous time consuming salad. You went to the store and bought a few more vegetables than you actually needed to. Time to make a salad that will take you 45 minutes to eat.
  13. Dig through all of your electronics for your wireless speaker charger. How can you pack without blasting that playlist?
  14. Eat an Italian ice. No ice cream sandwiches when you need to pack, you need an Italian ice that takes 30 minutes to eat.
  15. Play on Bumble, run out of people. You're moving anyway, it's ok.
  16. Find half a bottle of wine and drink it out of the bottle. Why use a glass? You need to pack those.
  17. Shave your legs. You just remembered it's going to be 90 tomorrow, you should probably shave your legs and then maybe you can pack up all your long pants.
  18. Realize it's 10:30 p.m.
  19. Make lunch for tomorrow. Use up those groceries!
  20. Open your bathroom cabinet to throw things away and find a face mask.
  21. Do face mask.
  22. Start filling the four boxes you have, estimate you need 14 more boxes.
  23. Realize it's 11p.m. Go to bed.