You know, like saying "ope" when you bump into somebody walking into Culver's.

The first time I really realized that the Midwest is its own little world was when I was visiting San Fransisco, CA. I was talking to somebody who was from there and I mentioned Brett Favre. You know, like THE Green Bay Packer's legend Brett Favre?

Green Bay Packers 2006 Headshots
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And they responded, "Who?"

My jaw dropped and I was like, you know, Brett Favre, the legendary Green Bay Packer? To which she replied, "I've never even been to Wisconsin." I was SHOOK. That's when it hit me, not everybody knows how the midwest lives. We have our own little world here.

There's a Twitter account that is called Midwest vs. Everybody and it does a hilarious job of pointing out the little things that only us midwesterners understand.

I was born in Illinois and I can seriously relate to every single one of these. I hope they make you laugh as much as they made me. I also hope it reminds you of how great the Midwest is. We may be pretty flat, but we have some great people and some great food.

Alright, now it's time to say "yup" 24 times in a row while reading these.

24 Tweets That Will Make You Say "Yup" if You're From Illinois

Midwest is the best.

A little too relatable right? I related to every single one.

10/10 recommend following this Twitter account. They are always tweeting out the best stuff.

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