After being postponed in 2020, we're finally getting ready to light the torch for the 2021 games.

Actually, is it still the 2020 Olympics or are we just going to admit they're now set in 2021?

No matter what you call it, some of the best athletes in the world will converge in Tokyo to compete for Olympic gold and glory.

Athletics - Olympics: Day 12
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Unfortunately, there won't be any fans in attendance, so while it might feel a bit different at least we're going to get the Olympics.

For us in Illinois, it seems we send more people from the Land of Lincoln to the Winter Olympics but the Summer games are still well represented.

When you consider Chicago, a historically great basketball town that has sent many to play in the Olympics, it certainly levels the playing field a bit.

USOC Portraits for Rio2016
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However, it's cold more than it's warm in Illinois, so we've got a lot of skiers, and speed skaters on the list.

The Olympics begin on Friday, July 23, and wrap up on Sunday, August 8.

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