There's just something extra special about a cupcake that you buy off of a truck.

Sure that could sound kind of creepy, but I'm not talking about a balding toothless man driving a truck on the side of I-39, I'm talking about a professional food truck that specializes in desserts.

If I wasn't working in radio, I would probably still be attempting to have a cupcake business. And who knows, maybe I'd want to sell those cupcakes from a food truck?

According to MSN, I would have some stiff competition in Illinois. MSN recently named the top 25 dessert food trucks in the nation and four of those trucks are traveling the streets of our home state!

I've only visited one of these trucks, Flirty Cupcakes, but maybe it'll be my mission this summer to hit all four. Have you tried any?

#18 - Cupcakes for Courage - Their hub is in Elmhurst, but they travel around the city and Chicago suburbs with their sweets while raising money for cancer research. You can book them for private events and weddings, or check out their calendar to find them roaming the streets. This salted caramel cupcake looks amazing.

#17 - Beaver Donuts - You can grab a beaver donut at the French Market in Chicago, so you don't have to travel around to find their food truck, but it's pretty fun to do that! They announce where they will be on Twitter and Facebook, offer free samples and birthday perks. Plus you can top their donuts with toppings called "grandma" and "rock star" so I'm pretty sure they'll be fun and delicious.

#6 - Flirty Cupcakes - I can vouch for these delicious cupcakes. I tracked them down one summer day and it was absolutely worth it. There are two "dessert garages" you can grab some cakes from, or you can follow their van schedule around Illinois. You can also book parties with their cupcakes or take a class. Their buttercream is unbelievable.

#3 - Mister Softee - Probably the most tradition traveling dessert truck, MSN couldn't finish their list without an ice cream man! You can travel to Decatur for a stand alone Mister Softee (or Milwaukee if you're heading North), you can book a party with them and follow them on Facebook. I have a feeling you'll feel like this little boy when you track down their trucks.

Which dessert truck do you want to track down this summer?