Nobody wants to have to be wearing masks indoors again. I know I sure don't, but it's one of the best ways to control covid spread, so here we go again.

On Monday, August 30th, the state of Illinois issued another mask mandate.

Summer of 2021 Was Good While It Lasted

I really wish we could all, as my friend said, "just play ball so we don't have to go through this for a second year."

Our kids don't' want to have to wear them at school everyday, but they will help control the spread. In 2020, the flu bug was near non-existent, and in large part, that was due to wearing masks (washing our hands often certainly helped, too).

Once my family got vaccinated, the masks were something we were very happy to put aside. There were certain situations where we had to put them back on, but not having to wear them all the time was a tremendous joy.

Now, the masks are back, and my issues with these damn things came right back.

4 Ridiculous Things About Illinois Mask Mandate That Piss Me Off

1. Last mask you've got in your car and you've just pulled into the last parking lot of the most important errand of the day, then this happens...


2. This.

The constant reminder that it is very difficult to chase away funky breath

3. I cannot be the only person who wears glasses that forgets the mask strap pretty much always loops around the temples and will pull them right off my face when I take off the mask


4. Lastly, this nonsense!


And of course I can never get it out of my earring with just one hand. I have to wait until I get back in the car and use both hands.

What things about wearing these masks piss you?


That photo above makes me think about all the small business owners who are going to lose money again because of the mask mandate. Please PLAY BALL, get on board with what's being asked of us so we don't have to keep doing this.

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