Christmas is over. And so is our mild winter, for the next week at least. Bundle up because it's going to be in the single digits for awhile.


Ladies, you might want to rethink your New Years Eve outfit, or exchange it for a parka. I have a few suggestions on how to stay warm in these bitter temps. Some are more fun than others.

1. Grab your favorite snuggle buddy, a blanket, a bottle of red, and pick a series on Netflix to binge watch.

2. Build a warm fire in your fireplace. While your at it, let the kids roast some marshmallows. Yum.

3. Find the nearest hot tub and take a soak. A friend's house, the local gym, wherever. If all else fails, just take a warm bath.

4. Take a VACATION. Book a last minute trip for this weekend. Groupon usually has some awesome deals.

5. Exercise. It's good for you and guaranteed to warm up that body. So hit the treadmill, take a class, or pop in a workout video. You can thank me later.