Christmas is over. And so is our mild winter, for the next week at least. Bundle up because it's going to be in the single digits for awhile.

5 Fun Ways To Warm Up In The Bone-Chilling Cold This Week

Ladies, you might want to rethink your New Years Eve outfit, or exchange it for a parka. I have a few suggestions on how to stay warm in these bitter temps. Some are more fun than others.

1. Grab your favorite snuggle buddy, a blanket, a bottle of red, and pick a series on Netflix to binge watch.

2. Build a warm fire in your fireplace. While your at it, let the kids roast some marshmallows. Yum.

3. Find the nearest hot tub and take a soak. A friend's house, the local gym, wherever. If all else fails, just take a warm bath.

4. Take a VACATION. Book a last minute trip for this weekend. Groupon usually has some awesome deals.

5. Exercise. It's good for you and guaranteed to warm up that body. So hit the treadmill, take a class, or pop in a workout video. You can thank me later.


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