It's been three days since my Minnesota Vikings lost the NFC championship game to the Philadelphia Eagles; and like with any loss, time will heal all wounds; but this wound is especially deep, and it might take a little more than just time for it to heal.

It didn't have to be this way. The fact that our stadium made it to the big game was almost enough, but after the disgusting treatment Vikings fans received after the game on Sunday, it's time for my home state to show Eagles fans what true sportsmanship is all about.

While the rest of the country might be rooting against Tom Brady and the Patriots (heck, I thought I'd be one of them early Monday morning), I will joining the minority and will not be cheering on the Eagles. Here's why.

1. Their fans lack respect.

2. And class.

3. They can't be trusted around children.


4. They'll take shots at your grandma.

5. And this; just this.



Who on earth treats people in that manner? I was seriously disgusted when I saw this.

I absolutely refuse to cheer for any team whose fans treat the opposing team, and each other like animals. However, when they come to MY city, I know that they will not be treated this way.  Shame on you, Philadephia. City of Brotherly love, pssh.

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