Sometimes you just can't help feeling blah, but today, there are enough reasons to feel that way, you don't have to feel bad at all.

So, it's Monday. The day filled with blahs no matter how much sleep you got this weekend. But, today, there might be a few reasons why you're feeling extra blah.

We have a feeling #5 is an actual reason you can use to get out of stuff. The others, maybe not so much.

  1. You saw the wrong person celebrating 'Naked Gardening Day' yesterday. Maybe try looking at this guy
  2. You had too much fun on Cinco De Mayo...Or Seis De Mayo...
  3. You turned on the MTV Movie Awards last night and the only actress you knew was Emma Watson. Turns out you're really old.
  4. You found out the Belvidere Road Bridge is closing on Wednesday, and that's how you get to work.
  5. The pollen count is incredibly high in Rockford today and won't be getting that much better this week. Well, tomorrow will be better, but brace yourself for this week. A. Choo.

I went to a Bachelorette party on seis de mayo... that paired with my allergies, and this Monday is absolutely feeling like a Monday.

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