If you are somebody who loves cat but doesn't love the way they make you sneeze, then I've got REALLY good news for you! A new vaccine is being developed to help relieve human's allergies to cats.

Apparently, scientists in Zurich, Switzerland have developed a vaccine that is given to cats to aid in relieving allergies in humans. So the actual vaccine isn't FOR humans, it's for the cats. However, it in turn helps out with the human's allergies. So how does it work?

Fox details -

The vaccine is said to reduce the amount of harmful proteins found in cat fur and dander, which generally trigger a reactive rush of histamines in humans. The potential antidote, called "Hypocat," neutralizes the protein and causes a cat's own immune system to attack and destroy it. Researchers hope the vaccine will be available within three years to help reduce allergic reactions in humans -- and help cat owners be able to keep their furry friends.

So hopefully one day you can own a cat without all the sneezes that come along with it. You can read more about the science behind the vaccine here.

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