You've been waiting more than a few years to step foot inside the new downtown Rockford Public Library and now the grand opening is almost here! These are five reasons you don't want to miss the big day. 

As we get closer and closer to the official grand opening of the new downtown Rockford Public Library, everyone is so excited!

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We've seen the building grow in the last two years and now that furniture and books (yes, finally books!) are getting loaded into the three story structure, it's time to realize why you definitely want to be at the grand opening.

Lucky me, I've been inside so I can give you the scoop.

The number one reason you want to be there is to take one of the guided tours. Because, I have an inkling that on June 22, you will get a tour of the entire building, but after that, if you're not a teen, you won't be allowed in the teen zone.

And the teen zone might be my favorite spot!


Could it be because I'm a 14 year old at heart? Maybe, but if you're lucky enough to visit the teen zone on opening day, you'll know why it's my favorite.

The second reason you don't want to miss the grand opening is the kids activities! The library is hosting a balloon artist, face painting, themed Storytimes, outdoor games and bubble festivities. 

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Reason number three you want to be there, City of Rockford Poet Laureate Jenna Goldsmith! She is sharing a poem to commemorate the opening later in day on the 22nd.

Reason number 4, the slide! You've probably seen me take this picture for the last few months as it went from sticks to slide, but I know you'd rather take your own!

and the final reason you'll want to be there... because you can! I know you've wanted to go inside since the day you saw the 'Rockford Public Library,' words looking like Crate & Barrel as you drove by on the Jefferson bridge!

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The Grand Opening event is on Saturday June 22 from 9am to 5pm at the new Main location, 215 W Main Street in downtown Rockford.

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