The first snow day of the year is always so magical, for kids at least. But for parents it can be hard to find ways to keep the kids entertained all day on a day off. Well, in the case of a snow day, you can try to make some winter themed recipes. Not only are they winter themed, they require snow!

Here are 5 recipes you can make this snow day using the freshly fallen snow -

  1. Vanilla Snow Ice Cream With Chocolate Sauce - Recipe here 
  2. Vegan Coconut Maple Snow Cream - Recipe here 
  3. Sugar on Snow aka Maple Candy - Recipe here
  4. Spice Honey Candy With Sea Salt - Recipe here 
  5. Hot Chocolate Snow Slushie - Recipe here 

Now lets get one thing straight, I can safely assume all of these recipes taste their best when you use fresh, clean snow.  You might want to avoid snow thats been sitting for a few days, wait till that fresh snow fall to start making your snow day treats.

Feel free to just eat the snow on its own as well, we won't tell anyone.

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