Remember sitting at a restaurant? Who knew we'd ever be saying something like that and actually meaning it. But now, you can head back in and enjoy your 815 faves.

If you look around the state and the country, you will realize that despite the hardships we've all been through for almost a year now, most people have been trying to support local businesses.

Right here in Rockford, we have truly seen residents go out of their way to help small businesses and order pick-up and delivery from restaurants.

But let's face it. It tastes better when you're sitting inside and not on your couch.

Our chance to eat inside again has arrived!

So where are you going first? We have so many great spots in the Stateline, but in case it's been a while since you saw some of these perfectly plated, let's remind you of those tasty bites you can grab in Rockford.

Scroll through this recent post from Abreo and you'll drool all over your screen.

One word is all we have to say about this photo from Lino's, lasagna.

Not only is Octane debuting a new bar inside this week, they're also featuring this Pork Lumpia and Caccio é Pepe, pasta covered in cheese.

Cheese curds on a burger sounds incredible... but knowing you can enjoy it at Baker's Street Burgers in a booth! Ahh!

And last on my list of 'OMG I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW,' Wired Cafe's avocado toast.

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