Valentine's Day is around the corner and you couldn't possibly care less. You're bitter, alone and hate all this mushy love stuff.

It's just another commercially driven holiday anyway right? If you need a special day to remind you to love other people then you deserve a chocolate-covered strawberry jammed up your nose.

Here are 5 things you should do on Valentine's Day to counteract the establishment.

1. Let's start with a little rage first. (F*** you I won't do what tell me!)

2. 90s music is actually very therapeutic. And you're in luck because the I Love The 90s Tour is in town on February 10th. Get tickets now.

3. If you don't feel like loving other people, watch a show about eating other people. I'm not talking about The Walking Dead. You need laughs. You should binge watch this new show on Netflix.

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4. Let's talk about your bed. Yes, I'm aware that you're not sharing it with someone but that can be a good thing. Rip off all the bedding and throw it away. Go to the store and buy a new set of the highest thread-count sheets they sell. Go home and wash and dry them and immediately put them on your bed. Now get in bed. Ahhhhhhh. You're welcome.

5. Now, go outside and look for some trees or water or hills or the sun doing pretty things or maybe even some children or dogs playing. Stare at these things for a while. You may be surprised how little they care about fake holidays, and how much they give back.

Happy Tuesday the 14th.


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