2020, the year we celebrated everything over Zoom. So why would Thanksgiving be any different? Thanksgiving + Zoom = "Zoomsgiving".

So how can you have a successful virtual celebration? Well according to USAToday, there's five things you can do to make your Zoom holiday feel a little more normal.

  1. Capturing the view - You know when you're on a Zoom call and all you can focus on is what's going on in the background of your coworker's living room? Make sure the stage is SET beforehand. Your computer or phone could sit on a buffet, side table or the table itself.
  2. Feeding distant guests - Make sure everybody can indulge in the best part of Thanksgiving, the FOOD! Whether it's doing a socially distanced drop off, or ordering from a restaurant, it's important everybody has a full plate that night.
  3. Coordinating menus - If everyone is up for some cooking, then send out a menu for everybody to follow. Fill it with your family favorites and let everybody take a stab at making them on their own. USA Today suggests matching cheese boards and one word ... YES.
  4. Setting the stage - Making sure the table is set and the decorations are all ready will insure the mood is set for the night. You can even have some fun making your own Thanksgiving Zoom background you can send out to everyone. And don't forget to make a playlist.
  5. Joint activities - There are PLENTY of online game options that the whole family will love. From bingo, to card games, to charades, you've got a ton of fun options.

So if you can stay distant this year, please do. There's plenty of ways to make the night fun and filled with good food and memories.

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