February 14th is a day for the lovers. Not your cup of tea? Well you're in luck. This romantic holiday is followed up with Singles Awareness Day, February 15th.


This day was created for all single ladies and guys. Basically it's for anyone who is not in a relationship. So how do you partake? Easy. Just go do something to treat yourself and celebrate the fact that you get to do whatever the flip you want on every day of the year. Having trouble coming up with some ideas? I've thought of some for you.

  1. Buy yourself an expensive bottle of delicious wine and rent a good movie. Drink the whole thing.
  2. Take yourself out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and order whatever you want and not be judged by the person sitting across from you.
  3. Have a spa day. Or fill a small wash tub with hot water, a little epsom salt and tea tree oil and soak your feet.
  4. Buy yourself a ticket to the Chocoholic Frolic. Wine, craft beer and all things chocolate, February 22 at Giovanni's.
  5. Have a singles party at your place. No couples allowed. If you need a DJ, holla at me.

This day really does need a name makeover though. Everyone uses #SAD on social media.