I wish I was being honest when I tell you that I didn't laugh when I came upon this story. I'm not sorry either. This story has a happy ending.

If you've ever had a squirrel problem in the attic of your home, you will find this story funnier than most. If you've struggled trying to capture these often annoying creatures and remove them from your home, you may find this funnier than most. If you're the parent of at least 3 young children very close in age, you're lying if what happened to these squirrels isn't something you'd love to do to keep track of your kids when you're all together in public

So mama gray squirrel is busy building a nest for herself and her babies and once the baby gray squirrels arrive, mama squirrel tucks them in all together to keep them warm. She continues to fill the nest out with long-stemmed grasses and strips of plastic in and around her babies and their bushy little tails, according to fox9.com.

It's really hard to believe something like this has never been in the news before. It seems like it could be a pretty regular problem.

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