Winnebago County Animal Services (WCAS) wears many hats when it comes to servicing the community and helping pets around the Stateline.

I know many friends who have adopted through WCAS and have had amazing experiences every time.  One of my co-workers, Olivia, even volunteers there a few times a week!  Spending time with the animals awaiting their furever home gives these pets the love and confidence they deserve before having a permanent family to call their own.

Winnebago County Animal Services made an urgent announcement this week that they're at MAXIMUM CAPACITY at their shelter.  They can't accept anymore animals until they find homes for majority of their current residents.

In attempt to clear their shelter, WCAS has reduced their adoption fees for SELECT animals to just $25 because they're at critical capacity - they've take in 30 new residents since last Friday.

Remember, once you adopt it's a lifelong commitment that comes with more expenses than just the adoption fee.  Don't impulse adopt, think long term!

Through SATURDAY, MAY 7TH, the shelter is participating in the BISSELL Pet Foundation's Empty the Shelters Event. 

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This means YOU pay $25 and the BISSEL Pet Foundation pays the difference - A BIG THANK YOU TO BISSEL! This event couldn't have come at a more purrfect time!

During #EmptytheShelters, adopters are still required to complete a standard adoption application as if it were a normal day. - WCAS

If you, or someone you know, are interested in adopting a new furry friend for your family, please visit Winnebago County Animal Services website to view adoptable pets and complete an adoption questionnaire in advance to make the adoption process faster!


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