There are some interesting traditions that are only carried on by us Illinoisians. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does make us stand out. This doesn't only involve the Christmas season, though. What other state buys corn on the side of the road, wears jackets while trick-or-treating, or takes a personal day for work to put apple cider donuts? Like it or not, we're a unique breed. And, if you think there aren't weird things happening in homes during the holidays, you're wrong. Need some examples? I've got some for you.

1. The first snowfall of the season.

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Two things happen in Illinois when the first flakes drop, the stores are out of milk and bread because we bought it all in preparation and we forget how to drive.

2. Lit Vehicles

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True Story, folks in Illinois have no problem decorating their personal vehicle for the holidays. Keep your eye out for a car with antlers and a red nose. (Bonus points if a headlight is out.)

3. "Dad, did you bring a saw?"

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Even if cutting down your own Christmas tree isn't just an Illinois thing, I'm calling dibs.

4. Get lit, again.

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We might night actually get lit in this circumstance but we sure do love seeing and riding in trains decorated in Christmas lights. (Ok, some folks probably opt to slip their flask into events like this. Not me, of course.)

5. Take a stroll.

Stroll On State

Stroll on State is defintely unique to Rockford. Sure, other cities have holiday specials but this is ours. Be proud.

6. Quite a pickle. 

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Finally, a tradition so unique to Illinois that it'll make other states scratch their head in confusion. The most "practiced" tradition is to hide a pickle in a Christmas tree and the first child to find it gets to open the first gift.

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