Jorts didn't even make the list.

I'm not gonna lie, I have some opinions on what men should wear. Maybe it's because my dad wore jorts for most of my life. A few years ago I finally got him to ditch all of his cut-offs, but then at the Blackhawks parade, he was contemplating buying new ones when he saw Hossa kiss the cup in jorts.

No, dad, no jorts.

I also have a strong opinion on dudes wearing flip-flops. I think they're fine at the pool or the beach, but that's it, aside from that flops should be for ladies only.

This list comes from eBay, they asked 1,000 people, "What is the worst fashion mistakes committed by men?"

Here are the results, do you agree?

  1. Over-accessorizing
  2. T-shirts with ironic or childish phrases/graphics
  3. Pattern mixing
  4. Dad jeans
  5. Wearing a backpack in a professional setting
  6. An ill-fitting suit
  7. Running shoes with jeans
  8. An ill-fitting dress shirt

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