File this under things I didn't know yesterday.

Here's the story, I was up super late last night and decided I needed to look for some concert tees that I used to have.

You see, I've lost some, grown out of most and gave a bunch away. That said, I needed to find a replacement for a Tragically Hip tee shirt I picked up years ago.

I looked on eBay and I was kinda blown away. The prices for vintage concert tees are off the charts. Just for fun I looked up a couple of tee shirts I owned when I was in high school. One of which was a Beastie Boys shirt and the other Public Enemy.


The same exact Beasties shirt that I owned in 1991 was now going for $150 used. The Public Enemy shirt selling at $350.


$500 for two shirts that I cut the sleeves off and wore as undershirt while playing basketball just a few short years after buying.

I was sitting on a goldmine and I didn't even know it. You realize that you might be too, right? As I'm sure you know, Cheap Trick got inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame just recently.

Some of the prices for their shirts are insane! $400 for this one that the owner claims to have never been worn or washed.


The band's vintage concert tees from the early 80s are going for big bucks on eBay. Like this one that checks in at nearly $100.


If you have the means, dig through your parents stuff, find those shirts and sell them. The call for vintage Cheap Trick tees may never be higher.


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