The greatest geniuses of my childhood are behind the first all video game-themed hotel in the U.S. Atari Hotels promise a very unique experience.

The company behind the biggest game console of the 80s is opening these game-filled hotels around the country. The first will be in Phoenix, Arizona and one is planned for Chicago. I'm booking The Space Invaders Suite (assuming there will be one) for opening weekend.

I always wanted a game shelf that looked like this.

This will be such a great place to get away with your entire family. You'll get to show them the games you couldn't stop playing from back in the day, like Frogger, and your kids will also have the chance to play all their 'high tech' games of today.

Atari Hotels will also have augmented and virtual reality technology. And, select hotels will even have venues for Esports like League of Legends, Starcraft, and Overwatch.


Here's the only 'bad' news. We don't have any info on construction and completion. pledges to stay on top of this project.

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