I'd like you to meet my friend Maylasia, or Lay Lay, as she like to call herself ❤; she's the youngest member of the #rockyoubodyrockford movement.

When the other women in the #rockyourbodyrockford movement and I heard about LayLay and learned about what she endures at her Rockford elementary school almost each and every day, we just knew that we had to take her under our wings, lift her up so high and show her what it feels like to be loved by others, and more importantly, what it feels like to love yourself.

At just 9-years-old, Lay Lay is being bullied at school "24-7," and not just by her peers; even some of the teachers make comments to her about her weight. It's completely unacceptable; but, we're finding that making her a member of our movement has helped her grow by leaps and bounds.

In a recent interview with the Rock River Times, LayLay had the opportunity to talk about her experience with bullies and says, "now I tell them I don’t care, or I just leave it alone and walk away.”

When asked about how she liked being a permanent member of the #rockyourbodyrockford group, she boasted, “I love it because I get to see Tina all the time."

She's referring to success coach and the brains behind the #rockyourbodyrockford movement, Tina Kohs Jacobs, who also suggested that LayLay be a part of the group. We couldn't be happier to have her and it shows.

After spending some time with the rest of the women from the #rockyourbodyrockford movement, LayLay has begun opening up and sharing her powerful story of what being bullied everyday feels like.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for LayLay. Since working closely with Tina Jacobs and the #rockyourbodyrockford movement, she's gained the confidence to pursue things like acting, dance and gymnastics. You go girl.

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