Trooper in a truck. It sounds like some kind of contest promotion. It's quite the opposite actually.

Instead of winning cool prizes, Illinois State troopers are handing out tickets. Check it out.

Trooper in a truck is exactly how it sounds. A trooper is stationed in a semi truck looking for distracted drivers. You know, the drivers that are staring down, looking at their phone.

When a trooper in a truck notices the distracted driver, a patrol car will be alerted and the distracted driver will be pulled over and ticketed. So far it seems to be working.

WAND-TV say troopers "have carried out such patrols on I-57, I-55, and I-70. State Police said they cited 13 drivers for distracted driving during their patrols Wednesday,"

It seems to be working on those interstate roads in Illinois. That means it's coming up north, specifically the Rockford area.

Yet another great reason to avoid driving distracted. It can kill you or someone else, and now you can get pulled over courtesy of a trooper in a truck.

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