Just when you thought there was something you could trust in the world, Netflix does this.

A Twitter screenshot posted on Reddit by infectedmethod explains Netflix's Star System, and hold on, it's not at all what we think it is.

If you're a Netflix user I'm sure you've seen what appears to be stars next to titles of movies and TV shows. It would be safe to presume that the ratings are based on aggregate score of user reviews.

However, that presumption would be false. According to Netflix, "the star ratings are a 'prediction' of what the algorithm suspects you'll think based on your viewing habits, not a reflection of what all viewers think."

For example, if you like Stranger Things, there's a very good chance a similar show will get four or five stars independent of actual user reviews.

This is basically Netflix allowing their users to fine tune their experience to cater towards genres that they like. The more movies and TV that you rate the better the experience, which I can appreciate.

What I don't appreciate is the Netflix algorithm duping me into believing OA would be worthy of my time. It looks like I need to spend some more time reviewing the shows I've watched.


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