You know that a Rockford Peach is not found in a fruit bowl. And, "see you next gyro", means next Friday on the way home from Elixur. How do you say it?

The city of Rockford is our home. Whether you're still in love with the Forest City, or not so much, there are things about 'the 815' (eight-one-five) you can say that immediately tell another Screw City native they're among locals. The kind of identifier that replaces the "hey, I'm from Rockford" sentence.

"Forest City"

"Screw City"

"The 815"

Those are some of the ways a Rockfordian says they're from Rockford without saying they're from Rockford. We asked on Facebook, what's your way to say it? Here are some of my favorites:


"Toobin on the Kish"




Do you own a sock monkey?



Celebrating birthdays at The Last Straw


Rockford Rocked via Facebook

Rockford Rocked on Facebook


Wet Wednesdays with 97ZOK at Magic Waters


Jesse Fox/Hurrican Harbor Rockford


A bag of Ole Salty's or a bucket of Mrs. Fisher's potato chips


Ole Salty's/Mrs. Fisher's via Facebook


Out of towner: Can you tell me where the BMO Harris Bank Center is?

Me: WTF is that?

Out of towner: Where the Icehogs play.

Me: Oh, the Metro Center.


Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media


Sasa Nikolic

Are you 815 or 779?



Home of Rock Hall of Famers, Cheap Trick

Rick Diamond, Getty Images

I'm so Rockford; I got to take this picture with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen.

(*I also got to have an unforgettable conversation with him, on his couch. That video is below)



Seniors painting the Aldeen Park Dam


Reggie Tillmon via Facebook


Ladies night, live music and a basket of wings at LT's Bar & Grill


Todd Houston via Facebook



Getty Images

Rockford Auburn high school graduate and NBA Champion, Fred Van Vleet




Sometimes you only need to say one word... Maria's via Facebook
Ken Germain Brad MacCallum via Facebook
Rockford Rocked via Facebook

So many more incredible replies, click the Facebook link below. What's your way to say you're from Rockford without saying you're from Rockford? Click below and add yours.

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