If you want to be part of this episode you and your girls need to apply right away.

That's because today is the last day to register as an extra on Chicago PD.

According to Tail Sticks Casting, they are looking for women ages 21-25 "who are comfortable with kissing/making out with dayplayer actor for a video montage that will be used for a seminar scene."

That seems like a bit much, but hey, Hollywood, right?

Tail Sticks is also is looking for a woman "ages 21-25 ANY ETHNICITY who is comfortable doing a photo-shoot in lingerie or a bikini. Should be super sexy Maxim/PlayBoy Bunny types."

Uh, Hollywood?

Finally, the casting agency is looking for women "ages 29-40 to play featured day-player actress' friends/bachelorette party crew."

OK, this seems a bit more likely and comfortable for anyone who is looking to be on a TV show.

The pay rate ranges from $84 to $300 for 8 hours depending on what part you receive.

If you want to be part of the show, send your information to Tailstickscasting@gmail.com


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