If you're a Simpsons fan, then you're probably interested in seeing a band inspired by the world's best neighbor, Ned Flanders.

Flanders, the do-gooder neighborino of the troublemaking Simpsons family, would secretly love this band.

Called Okilly Dokilly, every member of this five-piece metal band dress like Flanders and plays some of the most mind-melting metal music you'll ever hear.

Okilly Dokilly is so devoted to the gimmick, they refer to the music as Nedal, not metal. Get it?

The lead singer of the band, aka the Head Ned, messed up a Flanders quote in one of their songs that they pulled it from the album, rerecorded it, and then sent it back out for public consumption.

After a re-record in December of 2019, ‘Slaughterhouse’ was ready to go. ‘Slaughterhouse,’ at its core, is a song about gratitude, and us Neds sure do have a lot of gratitude for all the Neighborinos who came to our shows last year.”

Okilly Dokilly has a few shows scheduled in the area. May 2 in Cudahy, near Milwaukee, at X-Ray Arcade and May 3 in Chicago at the Beat Kitchen.

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