Since the removal of Splash Blaster, we've all been waiting to see what would fill it's space. Now comes word the Magic Waters has gotten approval for something new.

A New Crazy Fast Waterslide is Coming to Magic Waters
Brian Ortner via YouTube

The Rockford Park District has given Magic Waters the green light to build something new and this one is gonna blow you away... possibly even vomit.

According to a story at, the next attraction coming to Magic Waters will be The AquaLoop. According to AquaLoop's wiki page, a single rider is loaded into a launch chamber where they stand with their hands across their chest. After a countdown, a trapdoor opens and the rider immediately drops 52 ft inside a near vertical slide. The rider accelerates to 37 mph in just 2 seconds before entering the loop element. This element is a variation of the traditional vertical loop because it lies on an angle of approximately 45°.

Now see what we're in for when the AquaLoop arrives. And this attraction is not the only upgrade coming to Magic Waters.

The Park District also approved upgrades to the Little Lagoon that will include new kid-friendly slides where parents can ride along with their children.

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