When a restaurant refers to their sandwiches as "dank subs" you know you're in for a good time.

At least that's what Cheba Hut is hoping to do when they open in Chicago. No word if the opening of the weed-themed sub shop with puns aplenty has anything to with the impending legalization of marijuana in Illinois, but it sure seems like it.

That said, Cheba Hut has already set up shop in states where pot is currently illegal.

Matter of fact, if you drive north of Rockford you'll find a Cheba Hut in Madison, Wisconsin.

So it's not really one of those places you go to eat and then get super high. It sounds more like one of those places where you get super high then eat.

The puns and weed subculture doesn't matter if the food is garbage but it sounds like the Cheba Hut has got that on lock too.

Straight up, gimmicks and weed references aside, this place just rocks a sandwich. I'm a snob with food, the sandwich is my deathbed meal, and this place knows how to do it.

The Magic Mushroom with no cheese was delicious! The teriyaki sauce on it was drool-worthy.

Cheba Hut refers to their apps as, you guessed it, "Munchies," but that's not all.

Sandwiches on the menu include hilariously weed-y names too:

  • Chronic (roast beef, BBQ sauce, green peppers, 'shrooms & cheddar)
  • Kush (bacon, mayo, lettuce, extra tomatoes, house dressing & provolone)
  • Dank (handcrafted marinara, Genoa Salami, pepperoni & provolone)

The Cheba Hut menu also offers drinks they call "Cottonmouth Cures", salads "Greens" and desserts "Treats."

While the potential opening of a Cheba Hut in Chicago is excellent, and the nearby location in Madison is fun too, wouldn't it be great to get a franchise in Rockford?

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