I know it's not October but that doesn't mean we can't indulge in spooky season a little. Sure, it's not the best time of year to spend time outdoors, but spring is almost here. And what better way to spend time outside than exploring haunted creepy forests?

It's time to look at the top 10 creepiest woods and parks in Illinois. Spoiler alert - we've got one close to home here in Rockford.

Here are the top 10 according to mysteriousheartland -

10. Cahokia Mounds

9. Pyramid State Park

8. Effland Woods

7. Runyon County Forest Preserve

6. Twin Sister’s Woods -

Twin Sister’s Woods is located behind Charles Street in Rockford and is part of Twin Sister Hills Park—22.44 acres of recreational land complete with two baseball fields and three sled hills. It is a popular winter destination, but some locals claim this park is home to more sinister guests. The woods, they say, has been the scene of several murders, hangings, and even a drowning. Feelings of dread, disembodied voices, and mysterious figures are just some of the phenomena experienced by visitors. There is a large willow tree near the entrance to the woods. According to the Shadowlands Index of Haunted Places for Illinois, “If you walk by the willow tree it is said that you have a strange desire to go into the woods. There is an old hanging tree with some odd carvings on it. A little girl is said to be seen walking around.” The little girl is the ghost of a child who allegedly drowned in nearby Keith Creek.

5. Robinson Woods

4. Read-Dunning Memorial Park

3. Starved Rock State Park

2. LaBaugh Woods

1. Cave-In-Rock State Park

It probably looks even creepier covered in snow. Just saying.

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