2019 is weird. 2018 was pretty crazy, but it seems like 2019 is on a whole other level of weirdness. It's like the entire world is living in Florida or something. So why do I say this?

The days of comparing your growing baby to produce is over, because you can now compare your baby to a Big Mac. And pretty accurately I might add.

A comedian has created a new resource for mothers.

Delish hilariously details -

The website is pretty straightforward: Just select the number of weeks your baby is and press calculate. At 19 weeks, they're one Big Mac! 32 weeks? SEVEN Big Macs!! Sheesh.


Let's be honest, measuring your baby in Big Macs is WAY better than comparing it to an apple or something. Delish even adds -

For kids/teens/adults/any other human curious about their size as it relates to fast food, you can enter your weight in pounds and ounces or kilograms and grams to find out how many Big Macs you might be. Enjoy!

I won't up and say my weight but I will say I'm 237 big macs. LOL. See how many you are here.
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