If you're on TikTok, then I'm willing to bet you've seen this most adorable baby in the world on your feed before. Here's the baby I'm talking about, you might even know him by name, Baby Franklin!

@baidaughThis was meant to be funny but turned out so cute♬ Snowman - Sia

@baidaugh we saw @brittikitty do this and we thought we were the only ones! ♬ original sound - DAUGH FAM

Fraklin! AKA TikTok's favorite baby. Bailey and her family are from Dakota, IL. and their TikTok account BLEW UP over the course of 2020. Ever since her TikTok account has gained popularity, big news outlets have shared some of the adorable videos she's posted. I was scrolling on Instagram yesterday when I saw this post -

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And I was like, wait a minute, that's our favorite Stateline TikTok account being posted to E News for their 16 million followers to see. You know, no big deal. This actually isn't the first time a big news outlet has reposted a TikTok of Bailey's. I've seen her videos shared by Good Morning America And A TON of other news outlets.

When you search the hashtag #Franklin on TikTok the tag has 717.7 MILLION views, and it's safe to say the Stateline's baby is a majority of those likes. Bailey's profile currently has 3.6 million followers and 240.2 million likes. And I mean, come on, how could you NOT be obsessed with Franklin and their whole family?

@baidaughReply to @kammyella usually only his brothers manage to get these laughs out of him but I guess when it’s 4:30am anything is possible.

I'm clearly obsessed. You can follow Bailey and her family on TikTok here! Bailey is a photographer also and she takes the most adorable photos, you can check them out on her Instagram.

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