If you asked me what's one thing that kept me sane during quarantine my first answer would definitely be Tik Tok. I spent a ton of time endlessly scrolling the app. And it made me do things like make whipped coffee and DIY an LED cloud light. But I can't lie, I think I have like 5 followers.

One family from Dakota, Illinois puts my follower count to shame. They have 2.6 million followers. I mean, how could they not? Look how adorable their family is -

@baidaughYou’ll never be lonely when you have built in best friends ♥️ ##daughboys ##franklin ##grant ##lincoln

♬ Life in Your Years - Fairview

This video alone has 2.8 million likes (and for GOOD reason) -

So how'd they get so popular? Momma Bailey said -

When quarantine started I was like I want to go viral at least one time.

I'd say she reached her goal considering they have plenty of videos that have blown up on her page. Her little boy Franklin is one of the main faces of the page. WIFR details -

Ten-month-old Franklin from the small town of Dakota quickly became one of the app’s most famous babies.

Bailey posts up to six videos of Franklin, Lincoln and Grant every single day. Her account was recently verified by TikTok.

Bailey uses her platform to promote cuteness but also kindness. Tik Tok can be a place where a lot of bullying takes place. But Bailey keeps their page incredibly positive and sweet.

They can add me to their list of millions of followers because their account makes me so happy.

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